Attn: Keto Diet Update

A few weeks ago, I blindly jumped on a Ketogenic Diet because I was desperate to loose a few pounds. I make reference to my uninformed decision as my knowledge of the high fat diet was below point 0 on the Cartesian coordinate graph. My decision was purely driven by testimonies of rapid weight loss on the 0 carb diet. I like to think of Keto as the “get-rich-quick scheme” of weight loss diets.

My first week on Keto began as expected: my body engineered by carb denial, kicked into Ketosis which in turn sparked the Keto flu, and had me standing 1 carb away from giving up on the diet [I had to take a 24-hour break].

Since then, I have lost over 20.5lbs, and most importantly, through daily weight loss research and hunting for Keto recipes, I have learned how the foods I consume translate into weight gain. As I write this post, I am gradually adding low glycemic carbs & fruits back into my diet. I plan to work my way into a more sustainable eating plan, like the Paleo Diet.

While, the Ketogenic diet served as a starting point for my weight loss, the side effects, such as acne, lightheadedness and decreased athletic performance are a growing concern for me.  Although, I have acne prone skin, I have noticed a rapid increase in facial acne. Regardless, I am happy to have achieved my goal with the diet, and will continue to build on my current knowledge, maintain my weight and even loose a few more pounds.

Let me know if you have questions about Keto in my Q&A section here.

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