Auto-reply: August Playlist

This month’s playlist is going to be 90% Bonobo and 10% everyone else. In the past, I’ve come across songs by Bonobo on Spotify but never really paid attention to the artist. However, this changed [a few days ago] when I listened to Bonobo’s song — Linked via Spotify’s recommended playlist. The song played for a whooping 6:07 minutes, somewhat reminding of Fela Kuti’s unusually long songs. So, I decided to look up the artist on Spotify, learned he is a major electronic artist [ooops],  listened a few more songs [including my fave Bambro Koyo Ganda,  a track with heavy influences from West Africa!], fell in love with him and now, I invite you to listen with me this month. Enjoy.

Featured image is Migration album artwork by Neil Krug

Find me on Spotify with username: Usominne

My playlists are living organisms that get updated during the month, so check back as often as you like to find new songs.

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