#need 001: Y/Project’s Oversized Earring, A Mule by Eckhaus Latta + More

I’m sharing three things on my: wish list, want list, hunt list, dream list, watch list.


Sculptural Heels, Eckhaus Latta

Born from a collab between Eckhaus Latta and Simona Vanth, this sculptural heel ignited my desire to share a list of cool things that I’m saving [on my desktop & IG] & saving up for [financially]. It is the shoe equivalent of a Grandma Sofa. I also picture employing it as an art piece instead of hiding away in the dark corners of my closet.

Y/Project SS19 RTW collection

6cm Dome Earring, Y/Project

I have a lot of oversized earrings on my list, but this Y/project dome makes it the the top. Best part: it is handpainted, and probably weighs a ton, but I’m taking my chances.

Nude Shaped Mirror, Carlo Mollino


You’ve probably seen this image of Carlo Mollino’s nude shaped mirror a gazillion times. Mollino’s vast collection of erotica includes hundreds of female nudes like this one.  The mirror made it to my list, because I plan to have one designed in shape of my nude.

Have you seen cool things [similar to these] around the web? Please let me know here.

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