Summer Essentials #3: Sunglasses + Croakies

telfar mini bag

Picture this: you get dressed for a picnic in the park, with free mouth-watering edibles provided by your BFF aka Whole-30 Chef.

In the belly of your handbag: your fave sunglasses [so-called for its practical & face decorating purposes], wrapped in a cocoon of atrocities—half eaten apple, pack of your niece’s strawberry Yoghurt, make up samples from Sephora etc.

At the park: you reach for your sunny, tug at it [well aware of the gossamer cocoon in your bag], but unfortunately return with a one-legged sunglasses.

Allow me to express my deepest apologies, but also emphasize this for the croakie nonbelievers in the back: not only are croakies the solution to missing sunnies, broken lens & hinges, they are TRENDINGGGGGGG.

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