Summer Essentials #4: Tie-Dye

I come from a place where Tie-Dye and Batik outfits are the fashion equivalent of the classic white tee and blue jeans.  Beyond striking an emotional chord, I am familiar with the tie dye design process [thanks to Art School].

But, as much as I might entertain the idea from time to time, I’m not a fulltime DIY kind of gal.  And thanks to the Instagram algorithm, I recently bumped into a Tie Dye brand & purchased this solar inspired tee in the size XXL. Best part of my purchase? It is #1 on the list of my summer wardrobe core constituents.

Tie-Dye Shirt: Come Back As A Flower
Shorts: Levis (cropped with a scissors)
Sunglasses: Sunnei
Sandals: Jil Sander via The Real Real

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